Preserving Memories

I’m definitely a collector.. Kevin and I’s first date? I’ve got the ticket stub. Every Photo Booth I’ve ever been in? I’ve got the film strip. Notes, letters, receipts? If it reminds me of something important, it’s a safe bet that I have it stored away in box somewhere, waiting to be “scrapbooked”. The only problem with scrapbooking is that you also require a significant amount of time to do it! I’ve got boxes and boxes of memories stored away; things that I can’t bear to throw away, yet are years behind from being treasured like they should.

As of late, I’ve opted out of collecting “everything” and instead try to choose either the most important items, or souvenirs that can be incorporated into my everyday life. (Lately that’s been adding charms to my pandora bracelet) When it comes to breastfeeding, for me, there weren’t many options for preservable materials that could serve as a memory of this time in my life. There’s one bag of frozen breastmilk left in my freezer. I can’t think of any other reason besides sentiment for it to be sitting there. I can’t bring myself to throw it out (liquid gold!), yet I’m clearly not using it with Harper, so there it sat. Ironically, it’s a bag full of 7 oz, and one that I kept putting to the side to save for Harper when she was REALLY HUNGRY, and now it was sitting there, freezer-burning away.

I came across another local mama recently on a parenting page who posted about inclusion keepsakes and it peaked my curiosity. Monique is the owner and founder of Blessed Grove Keepsakes, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her experience as a doula as well as a mom of 1 inspired her to create a way to preserve precious memories in a tangible and beautiful way.


Monique is able to incorporate various forms of DNA, including breastmilk, hair, placenta, and cremation ash into creative pieces of jewelry. Her store is full of pandora-style beads, pendants, rings,  lockets, keychains, etc all made from various forms of inclusions. Her variety in style allow you to find something to fit your preferences, merging the world of memory and beauty! Her pieces can stand alone or also look stunning in groups, and if you can’t decide on one you could display several inside a locket. She’s also amazing to work with, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or you have something in mind she can help you come up with your own custom design as well!

My favourite part of this jewelry is that it doesn’t LOOK like it’s an inclusion. Colours can be added and the beads can be molded into all sizes and shapes. Nobody has to know what the piece is made of, or the significance it holds to you. I personally love how it’s a subtle, simple reminder to myself of my strength and accomplishments, and such a simple piece of jewelry could mean many things to different people.

Only a small amount of breastmilk is needed per piece (about 1 oz), and it’s super easy to ship because it’s not necessary to keep it refrigerated since it’s not for consumption. If you have any questions, Monique is really understanding, responds quickly and can answer any questions you may have. (Other inclusions require various amounts depending on the piece and varying preparations for shipment… all info can be found on her website, or she can be contacted directly.)

I’m so excited to receive my piece from Monique and even more excited to share it with all of you! I decided on a special pandora-style bead to add to my bracelet, and I think it will look perfect next to the birthstone bead I already have for Harper on there.

There are several places to get in touch with Monique and Blessed Grove Keepsakes. To visit her store, follow the link HERE. You can also follow her on Facebook (HERE) and instagram @blessedgrovekeepsakes to keep up with her and checkout the new additions to her store! Blessed Grove Keepsakes ships WORLDWIDE!


Monique, Owner and Artist at Blessed Grove Keepsakes

To celebrate the collaboration with Night Owl Mommy and Blessed Grove Keepsakes, use the coupon code “nightowl1” to receive 10% off all orders over $55 for the next 2 WEEKS ONLY!! (Be sure to ‘like’ both pages to be eligible, valid through to 03/09/16!)

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Be sure to share the love on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for an exciting GIVEAWAY coming soon!



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